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Director of Staff Development/Accountability Email Dr. Gwendolyn Bright
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Director of Human Resources Email Dr. Nancy  Britt-Stevens
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Director of Transportation Email Mr. Paul Cobbs
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Director of Finance Email Mr. Marty Connelly
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Director of Food Service Email Mr. Kevin Earle
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Director of Technology Email Mrs. Elixzina Goodwin
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Director of Federal Programs Email Ms. Rhonda  Robinson
Mrs. Monica K Tudder 843-462-7629
Director of Programs for Exceptional Children Email Mrs. Monica Tudder
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Mrs. Eula Riley 843-563-4535
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Benefits Coordinator Email Ms. Patrice DeLee
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Human Resources/Administrative Assistant Email Mrs. Yulonda Rivers
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Federal Programs/Secretary Email Mrs. Denise Washington
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Instructional Technology Coach Email Mrs. Andreana  Allen
Mrs. Charlotte Callaway 843-563-5906
Technology/Inventory Control Specialist Email Mrs. Charlotte Callaway
Ms. Shannon Hungler 843-462-7629
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Technology Email Mr. Thomas Malphrus
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