Dorchester District Four Bus WiFi Access

Buses equipped with wifi will be at the following locations Mondays through Thursdays for students needing internet access to complete their online school assignments. The buses will remain parked from 10:30 A.M. until 12:30 P.M.. Please see the access information below.


Location: St. Mark UM Church, St. Mark-Bowman Road,  Reevesville, SC

Driver: Rena White

Network = SCDE5084301

Password = student4301


Location: Four Holes Indian Organization, Ridge Road, Ridgeville, SC

Driver Harriett Ramsey 

Network = SCDE5084303

Password = student4303


Location: Cedarwoods Apartments, Reed Street, St. George, SC

Driver Ellen Marchant 

Network = SCDE5084304

Password = student4304


Location: Winfield Apartments, Highway 453, Harleyville, SC

Driver Sandra Felder

Network = SCDE5084305

Password = student4305


Location: Jerusalem Baptist Church, Jerusalem Loop, Grover, SC

Driver Tamara Rolack-Smalls   

Network = SCDE5084306

Password = student4306