Dorchester School District Four’s Re-Opening Information

 DD4 Virtual Learning Program Requirements

Greetings Parents,

Welcome to Dorchester School District Four’s Virtual Program! We are excited to be working with your child this year. Students who are enrolled in the Virtual Program will access learning through the DD4 Learning Management System and will follow the schedule based on individual coursework. This learning option is self-paced and Internet connectivity is required. Students will not have any interaction with other students in this model. They will only check in with the teacher.

DD4's Virtual Model will consist of teachers assigning lessons, assignments, and assessments mostly through the Learning Management System. All lessons will be aligned with the State standards. The teacher will schedule all assignments and tests. Due dates will be given and grades will be recorded. The teacher will have weekly office hours and check in with students via ZOOM and phone. The virtual teacher may assign activities outside of the LMS to ensure a quality learning experience for students.

Virtual attendance is determined by whether or not a student submits work or participates in assigned activities in accordance with the virtual classroom teacher’s written requirements. Students who submit assignments or participate in assigned learning experiences by the deadline established by the virtual classroom teacher should be considered present. Students who fail to submit assignments or participate in assigned learning experience(s) by the deadline established by the virtual classroom teacher should be considered absent. Whether the absence is “excused” or “unexcused” will be established by district procedures and policies and be consistent with state law and regulations.

The student is required to take all District and State assessments in person at their assigned school.

We want this to be a rewarding experience for you and your child. Parents and students will be trained during the first week of school.  There will be a helpline/email available for parents and students having technology problems. Virtual classroom instructors will be students’ first point of contact to request technical support. Individuals needing assistance that cannot be resolved by classroom instructors may call the technology office 843-563-5906 during school hours (8:00AM - 4:30PM) for technical support.