Supplemental Curriculum Links

Dorchester Four's Department of Exceptional Children provides supplemental curriculum to students with special needs. Home access to these programs is available below.

If your child does not know their login or password, please contact their teacher or complete a form using the following link: Login Support Request.


3rd Grade-12th Grade

Reading, Science, Social Studies, & Science


PreK-8th Grade

Reading & Math

Students using Chromebooks can access iStation via or using an app installed on the Chromebook. Both methods work the same.

If you are using a different device, you will need to use an app installed on the device. The download page is available here for devices other than Chromebooks.

When signing in to the app for the first time, students will need to enter their domain:

Clay Hill -

HES and HRMS -




n2y - ULS

Reading, Math, Science, & Social Studies

For students who use ULS, the student's username is their four-digit birthday (MMDD).

For example, if your child's birthday is March 9th, you would enter 0309 as the student's username.

The password is the same as the teacher previously told you.