Department of Food Services

Mr. Kevin Earle
Director of Food Services

288 South Metts Stree
St. George, SC 29477

PH: 843-563-4535
FX: 843-563-9269


Lisa Kelly


Food and Nutrition

Meals are prepared fresh, on site in lunchroom kitchens at our schools in the district each day.

Breakfasts and lunches at the Odyssey Educational Center are prepared at Woodland High and transported for service.

You may contact Mr. Kevin Earle, Director of Food Services, for additional assistance at  843-563-4535, ext 3.

Dorchester School District 4 is participating in the Community Eligibility Program again for the 2019/2020 School Year. This allows DD4 to provide 1 free breakfast and lunch to all enrolled students. No application has to be completed to be eligible.

The staff enjoys hosting special days that bring the community into our school cafeterias.  Grandparents are invited to eat lunch with their grandchildren the week of September 9. Check with the school for details. Look for an invitation for any special events from your child’s school.  Other special days to be observed are Veteran’s Day, Muffins for Moms, Donuts for Dads and Johnny Apple Seed Day in the spring. Parents and guardians are always welcome to eat lunch with their child after checking with the school administration. Adult meal prices are $2.25 for breakfast and $3.75 for lunch.

*Prices charged for meals are governed by the South Carolina State Department of Education.

Kevin Earle, Director of Food Services

 USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

DESCRIPTION                           PRICE*

Breakfast for all students            Free

Student Lunch                            Free

Adult Breakfast                          $2.25

Adult Lunch                               $3.75


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