Department of Student Services

Health & Wellness
Home Schooling
Medical Homebound
School Social Worker
McKinney Vento Act
Title III

The Student Services Department provides support and assistance to students, parents and school-based personnel.

Our mission is to increase student achievement and learning by providing services in the areas of Comprehensive Health Services, Attendance, Registration, Dropout Prevention, Social Work Services, Student Discipline and Intervention, Multilingual Learner Program, Alternative Programs and Assessment. Student Services also serves as a liaison for McKinney Vento.

Access Important Student Services Documents and Forms Below


Application for Home Instruction


Guardianship Affidavit


Out of District Student Application


Proof of Residency



Director of Student Support Services

Nancy B. Stevens, Ed. D

Student Services Administrative Office
600 Minus Street
St. George, SC 29477

(843) 563-3171   |    Fax: (843) 563-5936



District Social Worker

Anntoinette Haynes


Multilingual Learner Program Teacher (MLP Teacher)

Margarita Baptista


Multilingual Learner Program Teacher (MLP Teacher)

Maria Celi


District Registrar

D'Angela White